iawo fire

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form jawo
Proto-Form POc: *api
Tanema Equivalent niava
Lovono Equivalent nepie
    • fire
      • Example 271:
        Telau i-avo boso iawo.
        The food basket is hanging above the fire.
      • Example 822:
        Li-ia iawo ñe vilo.
        We light fire with (pieces of) wood.
      • Example 860:
        Moe enone i-vongo ne iawo.
        My house perished in the fire.

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  • See also:
    • iawo fire
    • longe firewood / wood, as material
    • awene traditional stone oven
    • kangele iawo flames
    • vangana glow, light
    • pana1 hot, burning / feel hot
    • ~maili2 light ‹fire, iawo
    • ~maliawo make a fire
    • ~ia1 rub intensely ‹s.th.› so as to alter its shape; file ‹s.th.› / light ‹fire, iawo› by rubbing wooden sticks together
    • ~vongo eat, have a meal / be burning, burn; perish in fire / be jealous, feel jealousy (for, ne)
    • ~bi2 fan (s.o., s.th., ñe)
    • ~su1 set fire to, burn ‹s.th.› to get rid of it / light ‹torch, buluko› / set fire to ‹cultivated land, sekele› in order to make it ready for cultivation; practise slash-and-burn cultivation
    • ~tau burn ‹s.th.› / burn ‹land›, set fire to the ground – a slash-and-burn technique to prepare a garden for planting / cook ‹food› / burn ‹s.o.›, cause a sensation of burning; irritate, sting
    • kaiawo smoke
    • beniawo ashes
    • viomoro charcoal left in the fireplace
    • uro charcoal, obtained from burnt wood or plants / charcoal reduced to powder, for various uses; black soot / inkpen, pen / black magic, sorcery
    • awene traditional stone oven
    • pana2 heat