uku affine of different generation (vs. mule) / father-in- [...]

Part of Speech noun, kinship
Phonetic Form uku
Lovono Equivalent epu
Paradigm Form 1s: uk' one ; 3s: uk' iape
    • affine of different generation (vs. mule)
    • father-in-law (WF, HF), mother-in-law (WM, HM), and their siblings
      • Kin
      • Example 126:
        Uk' aidi, li-labu motoro.
        In-laws are to be respected.
      • Example 2539:
        uk’ one mwalkote
        my father-in-law
      • Example 2540:
        uk’ one emele
        my mother-in-law
      • Example 2541:
        Uk' one tilu, kape ne-vete enga da metae.
        My parents-in-law, I am not allowed to utter their names.
      • Example 2542:
        da uk’ iape
        a pair consisting of a parent-in-law and their child-in-law
        Example Comment
        dyadic pair
    • son-in-law (DH), daughter-in-law (SW), and their siblings
      • Kin
    • nephew's wife (ZSW, MBDSW)
      • Kin
    • Typical Subject ego male