mule affine of same generation (vs. uku) / sibling-in-law, [...]

Part of Speech noun, kinship
Phonetic Form mule
Paradigm Form 1s: mul’ one
    • affine of same generation (vs. uku)
      • Kin
    • sibling-in-law, whether male or female: spouse of o.'s sibling (ZH, BW), or sibling of o.'s spouse (WB, WZ, HB, HZ)
    • Syntactic Restriction ego male or female
    • spouse of o.'s cross-cousin, cousin by marriage (MBDH, MBSW; FZDH, FZSW; HFZC, WFZC…)

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  • See also:
    • tieli sibling, of either sex: irregular form of tilio* for 3sg (‘his/her sibling’) and when followed by a noun (‘sibling of X’)
    • leka cross-cousin / same-sex cross-cousin (MBC, FZC): a man’s male cousin (MBS, FZS), or a woman’s female cousin (MBD, FZD) / cross-cousin of opposite sex (MBC, FZC): a man’s female cousin (MBD, FZD), or a woman’s male cousin (MBS, FZS)