tieli sibling, of either sex: irregular form of tilio* for [...]

Part of Speech noun, kinship
Phonetic Form ʧeli
Proto-Form POc: *taci 'younger same-sex sibling'
Tanema Equivalent e
Paradigm Form 1s: tili' one ; 2s: tilio ; 3s: tieli
    • sibling, of either sex: irregular form of tilio* for 3sg (‘his/her sibling’) and when followed by a noun (‘sibling of X’)
      • Kin
    • Encyclopedic Info Morph.: This is one of the only forms where the sound [ʧ] appears regularly.
      • Example 2457:
        Tilio, we tieli?
        Is he your brother, or his/her brother?
        Example Comment
        anaphoric 3s possessor
      • Example 2458:
        tieli mwalkote
        [his/her sibling male] his/her brother
      • Example 2459:
        tieli emele
        [his/her sibling female] his/her sister
      • Example 2460:
        tieli ete
        your mother's sibling
        Example Comment
        NP possessor
      • Example 2461:
        tieli Stanley
        Stanley's sibling
      • Example 2462:
        Emele iote i-ve ini, ka emele iote i-ve ene, da tieli.
        The woman who gave birth to him, and the one who gave birth to me, they were sisters.
        Example Comment
        reciprocal predicate

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