uo2 cairn of stones

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form uo
Lovono Equivalent upie
    • cairn of stones
    • Infobox The ancient murder of female babies: According to an ancient practice, when female children were born, they would be killed. People would keep only one daughter; other female babies would be buried under a cairn of stones (uo), and left there to die. Those who were killed that way were later buried in the ground.
      Infobox (Teanu) Noma li-abu daviñevi li-bu ne uo: Telepakau pe noma, basavono po li-ve dameliko, nga emele kape li-abu dapa. Kape le-loko ne i-te iune ngapon, li-abu dapa li-bei dapa ñe voko, ne uo. Dapa pe li-abu dapa li-bu, kape le-lui dapa le-teli dapa ne tanoe.
      • Example 1197:
        Li-iu dapa li-bei dapa ñe voko li-ko nga uo.
        They would bury them and cover them with stones, [they meant it] like a cairn.