viabasa headhair

Part of Speech noun, relational
Phonetic Form fiaᵐbasa
Variant Form(s) vabasa
Tanema Equivalent vel(e)base
Lovono Equivalent uiebasa
Morphology via + basa
    • headhair
      • Anat
      • Example 451:
        Ini i-bubu viabasa.
        She braids her hair.
      • Example 493:
        Viabasa idi bworo, bworobworo ñoko tae, i-ovei pe moloe.
        Melanesian people’s hair is not always black, it can also be blond.
      • Example 525:
        Viabasa emele damala ponu pwelele.
        That white woman has soft hair.
      • Example 1453:
        Dapa li-loko mana vilo i-vio ne viabasa dapa.
        People put flowers in their hair.

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  • See also:
    • viavia hair, viewed as numerous / plumage
    • viabasa headhair
    • moloe red
    • bworobworo black, dark
    • kiñe viabasa head hairs, considered in their length rather than their volume
    • ero3 be long and falling
    • pwelele soft, tender / long and supple
    • ome1 frizzy
    • ~buibu curly
    • ~bubu plait, braid ‹hair›
    • basa1 head / head, mind, as the seat of intelligence / height, vertical size / head, root / one of the two ends of ‹a ship›; esp. front part, prow / prominent part of ‹›