votobo adequate, sufficient (that, pe + clause) / necessary [...]

Part of Speech adjective, transitive
Phonetic Form fotoᵐbo
Lovono Equivalent vakabe
    • adequate, sufficient (that, pe + clause)
    • Typical Subject
      • Example 170:
        Ero na mijaka: votobo pe ni-anu tae.
        There's too little water, it's not enough for me to drink.
        Example Comment
    • necessary (that, pe + Irrealis clause)
      • Example 1335:
        Li-bo kuo votobo pe i-la moro tete we teva.
        Making a canoe can take up to three or four days.
    • desirable, suitable (that, pe + Irrealis clause) ; corresponding to ‹, s.o.›
      • Example 2696:
        I-romo i-ko ka votobo pe i-ioi i-abu.
        He saw it was the right moment to push down (the canoe).
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      • Example 2697:
        Ka votobo pe na kape u-viñi dapa u-ko pon susuko tae.
        You really have to go tell them that this was untrue.
      • Example 2698:
        Telepakau abia idi li-mui, ka votobo pe l-ovei.
        Many traditions are now forgotten, people had better know them.
    • facing ‹›
      • Example 2019:
        La-ka votobo vono Paiu.
        They arrived precisely in front of Paiu.
    • sufficient for ‹, s.o.›
      • Example 2435:
        Viñe teipu tete we teva, bwara kape votobo eo.
        Three or four cups of kava should be enough for you.

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