wako4 once (action V) was finished, then… / then; and

Part of Speech coordinator
Phonetic Form wako
Tanema Equivalent apika
Lovono Equivalent vakane
    • once (action V) was finished, then…
      • Disc
    • Syntactic Restriction in tail-head linkage constructions
      • Example 2666:
        Pon i-la visone iape i-ka i-ngago. I-ngago wako, i-la puro kula i-vio ne waluko.
        He took his bow, and strung it. Once he had strung it, he took hold of a few arrows, and attached them to his waist.
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      • Example 2730:
        U-vongo wako l-ab’ la-le.
        Once you've eaten, we'll go.
    • then; and
    • Syntactic Restriction at the beginning of a clause
      Sense Comment hence
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 86:
        Li-mabui li-ae tanoe, wako ka li-lateli teve.
        They quietly dug a hole in the ground, and put (the treasure) there.
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      • Example 2731:
        Li-wete mama ada; wako li-wapono.
        They pounded their (cooked) pudding, and proceeded to reheat it.
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