wako3 alright! Expression of approval / alright, so…! Interjection [...]

Part of Speech interjection
Phonetic Form wako
Tanema Equivalent apika
Lovono Equivalent vakane
    • alright! Expression of approval
      • Example 2727:
        I-ko “Wako.”
        He said “It's okay.”
      • Example 2728:
        Li-watebo ñei li-wamabu da, da ai’ iape me ete iape da la-ko: “O, wako!”
        They asked the question, put out their request, and both parents said “It's alright.”
    • alright, so…! Interjection used to introduce a new action
      • Disc
    • Syntactic Restriction foll. by hortative sentence
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 2729:
        Wako le-le le-katei!
        Alright, let's drag it now!
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