~ko wako say yes, accept, consent

Part of Speech phrase
Phonetic Form (i·)ko wako
Morphology ~ko + wako
    • say yes, accept, consent
    • Literally say alright
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 1224:
        Li-wamabu ete iape me ai’ iape la-ko wako.
        They asked her parents, and they said yes.
      • Example 1225:
        Li-wamabu uña teliki iakapa ne Vanikoro ka dapa teliki li-ko wako.
        They asked the chiefs on Vanikoro, and the chiefs accepted.
      • Example 1226:
        Ive, a-ko wako? Kela ba-ko wako we tae?
        So, do you accept? The two of you, will you say yes, or no?

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