~mini2 (take V) and give it to ‹s.o.› / (do V) for ‹s.o.›, for the [...]

Part of Speech 2nd verb, intrans.
Phonetic Form mini
Tanema Equivalent ~mika
Lovono Equivalent ~mini
    • (take V) and give it to ‹s.o.›
    • Syntactic Restriction after ~la ‘take’
      • Example 1041:
        Dapa li-la laviko, namolo, kangele teuko, li-la li-mini kupa.
        They would take pearls, clothes, fish hooks, and give them to us.
    • (do V) for ‹s.o.›, for the benefit of ‹s.o.›. Equivalent of a Dative
    • Syntactic Restriction with other verbs
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 442:
        Ni-la piene ono me ne-botongo ne-mini kaipa.
        I’m recording your language so I can take care of it for you.
      • Example 1656:
        U-ko ruene u-mini ini.
        Open the door for her.
      • Example 1657:
        Kape le-wabe le-mini dapa po li-anu kava.
        They would serve (fruit) to those who were drinking kava.
      • Example 1658:
        Gi' one iote i-bo kuo i-mini dapa ne kulumoe.
        My uncle creates canoes for the villagers.
      • Example 1659:
        tanoe pe li-nabe li-mini dapa
        the territory that had been assigned to them
      • Example 1660:
        Li-le li-la ngatene li-mini dapa damala.
        They travelled to work for (the benefit of) White people.
        Example Comment
      • Example 1661:
        Dapa iupa noma li-atevo piene peini Laperus li-mini kupa.
        Our elders told the story of Lapérouse to us.
      • Example 1662:
        Li-tomoli li-mini idi.
        They lie to people.
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  • Heterosemes:
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