~vagasi2 go and reach ‹somewhere›; hence all the way to ‹a place› / (do) [...]

Part of Speech 2nd verb, intrans.
Phonetic Form (i·)vaᵑgasi
Tanema Equivalent ~apeto
Lovono Equivalent ~pagaka
    • go and reach ‹somewhere›; hence all the way to ‹a place›
    • Syntactic Restriction after motion vb
      • Example 35:
        Ero i-pu i-abu i-vagasi revo.
        The river flows down to the sea.
      • Example 2418:
        Li-koioi li-su buluko ka li-koie li-vagasi takoie.
        They lit torchlights and led them in, until they reached (the village) inland.
      • Example 2564:
        Waiero i-vene ne kulumoe i-vagasi uña moe.
        The waves went up on dry land, reaching the houses.
    • (do) until ‹specific moment›
    • Syntactic Restriction +time
      Encyclopedic Info Synt.: Impersonal construction, always with 3s prefix i-.
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1512:
        Ba-mako ra i-vagasi vono i-sodo.
        You danced together until dawn!
        Example Comment
      • Example 1818:
        Voko i-te ponu ra ka i-vagasi nanana.
        The stone has been there until this day.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • ~vagasi1 go as far as ‹specific location›, reach / reach, come to meet ‹s.o.›; meet / affect ‹s.o.›