blateno k.o. tree, can grow very tall / ritual pole. During [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form ᵐblateno
Variant Form(s) bulateno
    • k.o. tree, can grow very tall
      • Bot
    • Scientific Name Sterculia banksiana
    • ritual pole. During ngapiene celebrations, dancers stomp on wooden boards (~wate tepapa) which are laid out in a circle around a high wooden pole (blateno). From that pole hang large amounts of fruit. At the end of the celebration season, the pole is brought down and the fruit are distributed to the participants.
      • Ethn
      • Example 415:
        Blateno, oie vilo pe li-padi me kape le-woi ne to mane, me tepapa i-dai.
        The “blateno” is a wooden pole that is painted and erected in the middle of the village area, where it is surrounded by stomping boards.
      • Example 416:
        Li-iu tepapa i-le awoiu, li-vesu bulateno i-vio.
        First they buried the dancing boards, then they erected the ritual pole.
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      • Example 417:
        I-vio ka li-wabeiu ñe moboro teva, me blateno i-vio, susuko, ne to.
        They used four rattan canes as props, so that the pole could stand firmly in the middle.
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