iote2 a, one: determiner for indefinite singular / be an (X) / there [...]

Part of Speech quantifier
Phonetic Form jote
Tanema Equivalent keo
Lovono Equivalent leka
    • a, one: determiner for indefinite singular
      • Gram
    • Encyclopedic Info The plural of iote is kula.
      • Example 909:
        I-si buka iote ñe uña iepiene peini kulumoe iakapa.
        He wrote a book with several stories from our country.
      • Example 910:
        Pi-ko me p-ajau toñaki iote.
        We want to build a boat.
    • be an (X)
    • Syntactic Restriction in predicate NP
      • Example 911:
        Eo unuo iote!
        You're a thief!
      • Example 912:
        Tabuluburi, tonge iote pine pe li-loko puro i-koie ene.
        A quiver is a long sheath where you can insert your arrows.
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    • there is an (X)
    • Syntactic Restriction existential use
      • Example 913:
        Vilo iote pine i-sabu ne anoko.
        [There's] a large tree felled on the road.
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      • Example 914:
        Mwaliko iote da emel’ iape.
        [once upon a time there was] a man and his wife
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  • Heterosemes:
    • iote1 other, different / not the current one: hence previous or next
    • iote3 the one
  • See also:
    • iune1 one / one whole, one full (N) / a, an / (not) even one / a single; one and the same