ka vitoko kape be about to; almost / nearly, almost

Part of Speech aspect
Phonetic Form ka fitoko kape
Morphology ka + vitoko + kape
    • be about to; almost
    • Literally it's now close that
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1019:
        Avtebe adapa ka i-maili i-vene kata ka vitoko kape moso.
        Their taros had grown up and were almost ripe.
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    • nearly, almost
    • Syntactic Restriction counterfactual meaning
      • Example 40:
        Ka vitoko kape i-abu tanoma ini, ia i-abu i-kovi.
        He nearly hit her face; but he missed.

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    • kape Irrealis marker, with various contextual interpretations / equiv. of a future: will / equiv. of a prospective: be about to / equiv. of a deontic: should, be supposed to / equiv. of a subjunctive / equiv. of a potential: can / equiv. of a conditional / equiv. of a habitual aspect / equiv. of a generic present, used in instructions / indicates epistemic doubt or approximation
    • vitoko near, close (to, teve) / soon; be about to / nearly, almost