me kape Purpose subordinator: in order to, so that / (want) that (V): [...]

Part of Speech subordinator
Phonetic Form me kape
Morphology me + kape
    • Purpose subordinator: in order to, so that
      • Gram
    • Syntactic Restriction purposive
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1220:
        Li-te ne pwama iaero re ka li-ko me kape li-apilo toñaki.
        They stayed by the river, with the plan to build a ship.
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      • Example 1511:
        Li-vo aero i-dai, me kape le-mako ne to.
        They erected a fence around (the village area), for us to dance in the middle.
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    • (want) that (V): equivalent of a subjunctive
    • Syntactic Restriction after verb of will
      • Example 1222:
        Ene awa ene ni-ko me kape l-apilo sekele.
        I want them to work at their gardens.
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      • Example 1590:
        I-ko me kap’ emel’ iape pon ta.
        He wanted her to become his wife.
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    • until
    • Syntactic Restriction temporal
      Sense Comment rare
      • Example 485:
        Li-mako i-le i-le i-le – me kape bwogo.
        They danced on and on – until night was ready to fall.

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  • See also:
    • ~ko kape want, intend to; be about to / want s.o. to do
    • kape Irrealis marker, with various contextual interpretations / equiv. of a future: will / equiv. of a prospective: be about to / equiv. of a deontic: should, be supposed to / equiv. of a subjunctive / equiv. of a potential: can / equiv. of a conditional / equiv. of a habitual aspect / equiv. of a generic present, used in instructions / indicates epistemic doubt or approximation
    • me2 Purpose subordinator: in order to, so that / forms the causative