monone a sturdy, round wooden mortar used in cooking, esp. to pound [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form monone
Tanema Equivalent kolveila
Lovono Equivalent manane
    • a sturdy, round wooden mortar used in cooking, esp. to pound taros and Canarium almonds (vongoro) during the preparation of the pudding (mama)
      • Example 1717:
        I-tau jebute moioe ponu, i-loko i-ka i-le ne monone ka i-wete. I-wete awoiu ka i-ejau mama ada.
        Once the taro was cooked, she put it in a mortar and began to pound it. When she finished pounding it, she made the pudding.
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    • a sturdy box, typic. made of wood, where to stow things; chest, trunk
      • Mod
      • Example 1031:
        Kupa pi-kamai monone apilaka ne pe-ko me pe-kamai i-wene tev' eo.
        We have brought here this small chest, with the idea to leave it with you.
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