mama2 k.o. traditional pudding, made of taros (jebute) and [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form mama
    • k.o. traditional pudding, made of taros (jebute) and Canarium almonds (vongoro), and served in important social occasions
    • Encyclopedic Info One cooks taros first, and then mash them, together with almonds, in a mortar (monone), until it becomes a tender dough.
      • Example 1531:
        Li-wete jebute li-wete vongoro awoiu pon, li-ejau mama.
        We mash taros, we crush almonds, and make the pudding.
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  • See also:
    • ~wete mama prepare the mama pudding, by pounding cooked taros and Canarium almonds in a bowl (monone) with a pestle
    • awene traditional stone oven
    • vekai k.o. pudding made of taros (jebute) and almonds (vongoro), always presented in a long shape, and served on long Heliconia leaves (lukilo vekai) during public celebrations