na1 this N / this / deictic frequently associated with personal [...]

Part of Speech deictic
Phonetic Form na
Tanema Equivalent kana
Lovono Equivalent ida
    • this N
    • Syntactic Restriction noun modifier
      • Example 1790:
        None na, aña tamwaleko.
        This food tastes bad.
      • Example 1791:
        Uña ngaten' na, kape i-vio tev' eo.
        All those things will be yours.
      • Example 1792:
        Noma, ni-ajau nabene; basavono na ka tae.
        I used to smoke in the past; but now [at this moment] it's over.
    • this
    • Syntactic Restriction head of NP
      • Example 81:
        Na, piene adapa Teanu a-ko ae?
        How is this called in Teanu? [lit. this, in Teanu language, you say what?]
      • Example 541:
        Ei! Dapa! Na toñaki ae na?
        Hey, people! What sort of ship is that?
      • Example 1793:
        Na nganae?!
        What's this?
    • deictic frequently associated with personal pronouns; usually not translated
      • Example 1148:
        Idi na dapa li-tau jebute peini po li-kila idi.
        People have cooked taros for the wedding.
      • Example 1309:
        Kupa na kupa mwaliko tae. Ka kaipa mwaliko na ia kupa na ngatene nga na.
        We are not human. You people are human, but we are creatures like this.
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      • Example 1794:
        En’ na dameliko tae, ene na ka mwaliko pine.
        I'm not a child, I'm a grown person!
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        with 1sg
      • Example 1795:
        Eo na a-te vele?
        Where do you live?
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        with 2sg
      • Example 1796:
        Eo na ai-ovei !
        Now that's something you know.

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