na2 here / now

Part of Speech adverb
Phonetic Form na
Tanema Equivalent kana
Lovono Equivalent ida
    • here
      • Example 743:
        Ne temaka kula nga ponu; na, engaiote.
        It's the case in some places; but here, it's different.
      • Example 991:
        ne to ñe na ka Tekupie
        between here and Tikopia
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      • Example 1356:
        Kape ne-te na labiou mijaka.
        I'll stay here for a little while.
      • Example 1797:
        Aero iupa i-vio vitoko na.
        Our (pig) pen is very close [from here].
    • now
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 305:
        Na kape dapa iakapa awoiu na ta!
        Now our people will be doomed!
      • Example 352:
        Na basavono na dapa va li-ka li-odo na.
        People are still looking for it today.
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      • Example 482:
        Ne tomoro nga na tae: bwogo!
        It was not during the day like this: it was night!

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  • Heterosemes:
    • na1 this N / this / deictic frequently associated with personal pronouns; usually not translated
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