na3 Focus marker

Part of Speech particle
Phonetic Form na
Tanema Equivalent kana
Lovono Equivalent ida
    • Focus marker
      • Gram
      • Example 615:
        Dapa wopine iupa na li-ovei ebel’ ini.
        Our elders are the ones who’d know the proper (word).
      • Example 1798:
        Eo na kape u-waivo ñe ene.
        Well, you're the one who's gonna tell me.
      • Example 1799:
        Dapa Tetawo, dapa ponu na li-abu dapa.
        It's the Tetawo people who killed them.

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  • Heterosemes:
    • na1 this N / this / deictic frequently associated with personal pronouns; usually not translated
    • na2 here / now
  • See also:
    • na ta focal deictic, speaker-centred: this one / time focus, proximal: now (and not any other time)