vonila evening

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form fonila
Tanema Equivalent uvilave
Lovono Equivalent akaileve
Morphology Contraction vono + ~la
    • evening
      • Example 486:
        Li-koie bwogo ne vonila.
        They were walking in the dark, in the evening.
      • Example 2680:
        Vonila wako!
        Good evening!
      • Example 2681:
        Ka vono i-sodo ponu, ne vonila ponu kata ka le-tetele pon.
        It was early morning, and they decided they would start [the festival] in the evening.
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  • See also:
    • bwogo1 night: period of darkness in the day cycle / day, when counting them
    • ~la2 become dusk; hence ‹day› come to an end
    • moro1 day, from daybreak (vono i-sodo) to dusk (vonila)