vono a generic term referring to space / dry land (opp. sea); hence [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form fono
Proto-Form POc: *panua
Lovono Equivalent venelue
    • a generic term referring to space
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
    • dry land (opp. sea); hence coast
    • (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1299:
        Waiero i-vene ne vono i-katau ngiro Palapu.
        The waves went up to the dry land, following the north wind Palapu.
      • Example 2682:
        waiero peini vono
        [wave of the coast] tidal wave
    • area, zone
    • Sense Comment rare
      • Example 2683:
        La-kovi vono basakulumoe aplaka Teanu.
        They sailed past the zone of the small island Teanu.
        Example Comment
        on the ocean
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    • district, limited area around a certain village
    • Syntactic Restriction +placename
      • Example 1378:
        Kula ka i-ka se vono Lale, Ngama, Vono.
        Some people (from Paiu) had moved to the areas of Lale, Ngama and Vono.
    • the world, universe
    • Sense Comment rare
      Encyclopedic Info Neither vono or lovia vono are used as the normal word to designate the present world.
    • the universe, atmosphere, insofar as it is subject to the diurnal cycle
    • Syntactic Restriction subject of impersonal predicates
      Sense Comment freq
      Encyclopedic Info The phrase von’ i-la ‘it is dusk’ (see ~la) is usually contracted to vonila ‘evening’.
      • Example 2685:
        vono i-sodo
        it is dawn
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      • Example 2686:
        vono ka i-la
        it is dusk

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