~ko me1 want to, intend to

Part of Speech verb, transitive
Phonetic Form (i·)ko.me
Morphology ~ko + me ‘Subjunctive’
    • want to, intend to
    • Syntactic Restriction + Irrealis
      (Part of) Synonym (for)
      • Example 1217:
        Ni-ko me n-ajau kopi abia.
        I want to print many copies.

Related entries

  • Heterosemes:
    • ~ko me2 in order to, with the intent to / introduces an irrealis (subjunctive) clause
  • See also:
    • ~ko1 say ‹s.th.›, declare. Introduces direct reported speech / call s.th. ‹so and so› / tell s.o. to do s.th.; order, suggest that / think, believe (that) / want to, be about to
    • ~ko2 introduces direct reported speech / (go) like this: gestural quotative, introducing a gesture or a face expression / introduces indirect reported speech. Functions as an obligatory complementizer ‘(say+) that’ / introduces the content of thought. Functions as an obligatory complementizer, Eng. ‘(think, know, want+) that’ / with the plan or intention to; in order to, so that / as ‹so and so›