le- irrealis subject prefix for “Collocutive” plural: 1st inclusive [...]

Part of Speech subject prefix
Phonetic Form le
Tanema Equivalent la- / le-
Lovono Equivalent kape- / se(pe)-
    • irrealis subject prefix for “Collocutive” plural: 1st inclusive and 3rd and generic person
      • Gram
    • Encyclopedic Info Variant li- before a radical starting from a vowel: e.g. le- + ~ovei = li-ovei ‘they know’. For these verbs, the realis and irrealis 3pl are homophonous.
    • 1st inclusive plural subject (see kiapa): you and us
      • Example 1077:
        Kape le-tabo le-katau na kiapa ponu.
        Let's retrace our own steps again.
      • Example 1132:
        Le-wamu kiapa ñe ini!
        Let's hide away from him!
        Example Comment
    • 3rd plural subject (see dapa): they
      • Example 1413:
        Dapa kula li-abu revo, me le-labu namuko.
        The others slap the (sea) water, in order to catch the fish.
    • generic plural subject (see idi): ‘people’, ‘one’, generic ‘you’. Sometimes translated with a passive voice in English
      • Example 621:
        Nga mwaliko i-bu, le-iu ebele ini i-wene ne kie ini.
        When somebody dies, their body is buried in a grave.
      • Example 1045:
        Toñaki pine pe kape le-ke le-lui ne ngamuli tae.
        It was not the kind of large ships that can go out into the ocean.
      • Example 1414:
        Li-vo aero i-dai, me kape le-mako ne to.
        They erected a fence around (the village area), for us/for people to dance in the middle.
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      • Example 1415:
        Van' ni-wene ni-botongo nara kape le-punuo ñi.
        I sleep on (my money) so nobody can steal it.

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