tepapa wooden board, plank / stomping boards. During [...]

Part of Speech noun
Phonetic Form tepapa
    • wooden board, plank
    • Sense Comment gen
      • Example 275:
        Li-avo tepapa ka li-apilo toñaki.
        They made planks (by splitting wood) to build a ship.
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      • Example 438:
        Mwoe iape, waiero peini vono i-somoli tae pe i-botongo ñe tepapa.
        His house was not destroyed by the tidal wave, because he had protected it with planks.
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    • stomping boards. During ngapiene festivals, a blateno pole is erected in the middle of the village area (mane). Laid out in circle (~dai, ~dadai) around it, are a number of wooden boards half buried (~iu) in the ground, on which dancers leap and stomp (~viaene, ~wate) during the celebrations, in a loud and joyful dance.
      • Ethn
    • Sense Comment esp
      Infobox The stomping boards: ‘To make a stomping board, you cut a root of rosewood tree, and carve it in the shape of a semi-circle. Then you dig up the ground, and cover the hole with the board. Later, people will dance upon them, stomping for the noise it makes.’
      Infobox (Teanu) tepapa: Tepapa, li-toe kara nebe li-bo nga kulaña metele. Awoiu li-ae tanoe li-la tepapa li-botongo ñi. Awoiu idi li-mako ne pongo li-viane me aña ini.
      • Example 2106:
        Li-wate tepapa, li-viane tepapa ponu; ka li-pinoe pon ta ka li-mako.
        They were hitting the boards, stomping on the boards: such was their dance.
      • Example 2409:
        Li-ae kie tepapa i-dadai awoiu ponu, li-iu. Li-iu tepapa i-dai awoiu, blateno ka li-toe li-kamai.
        First they dug up the holes for the boards in a circle, then they buried the stomping boards. Finally, they cut a wooden pole and brought it.
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  • Is Part of:
    • kie tepapa hole buried in the ground, used as a resonator underneath the stomping board during the ngapiene dances