tetake outside, seen from the interior of the island; hence down [...]

Part of Speech locative
Phonetic Form tetake
Variant Form(s) teta-ke ; take
Tanema Equivalent emo-da
Lovono Equivalent leve mwaroa
Morphology ~ke ‘go out, go seawards’
    • outside, seen from the interior of the island; hence down towards the shore; seawards
    • Literally outside
      Lexical Function Gloss offshore
      Syntactic Restriction geocentric directional
      (Part of) Antonym (for)
      • Example 764:
        Li-le li-vagas’ ere, tetake n’ adie ngamuli.
        They went all the way to that point over there – out there towards the ocean.
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      • Example 1991:
        Le-le tetake ne touro l-oma!
        Let's walk to the shore and find some seafood.
      • Example 2415:
        Ngiro Teulu Laki i-aka i-ka tetake ne.
        The Teulu Laki (southerly) wind blows from the ocean, this way.
        Example Comment
        from the southern shore of Vanikoro

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    • ngamuli ocean, open sea
    • ~ke2 go outside, go out; come out (of, mina) / come out, emerge / appear, be seen or heard / be left out / go from inland towards the sea; go downhill / move away from the island, towards the ocean
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    • take variant of tetake ‘out, outside; towards the shore’